Reel March 2013


Here's my showreel from March 2013. If you want you can download the full quality version HERE.


1- I was in charge of the rigging, skinning and maintenance of all the 5 Spartans. They existed in 3 versions : Undersuit, Techsuit and with Armour (15 characters). I ve done the joint positioning for 2 of them, using and extending the in house autorig. Then I took care of the skinning, helper joints, extra modules for the face, hair. Extended some tools for pose based deformation. Armour system in Maya with Ik and constraints to avoid collisions.

2- I've done the rig for all the props of the trailer. Then I concentrated on quadruped rigging for the elephant, the horse and the camel of the second shot. I also done several shots of cloth simulation in Maya for the capes and the head covers.

3- I rigged the 2 main characters (Spiderman). I ve used normal skinning with extra modules for the neck, and the scapula anatomical deformation, push joints, corrective blendshapes. I ve used Comet pose Reader and integrated in the scripts we used in house to build the characters with one click.
Full rigs of 3 other characters.

4- I've done the rigs for 2 of the marines but during the production I actually took care of all of them, extending them with custom modules and fixing skinning. Added some PSD as well. Took care of the full rig for the Alien Queen, using an existing autorig provided by the Lead Marco Godinho. Developed from scratch the tail system that features IK, FK, and blendable dynamics.

5- Group Project at Bournemouth University. I came up with the main concept of the giant objects on the beach taking inspiration from an existing giant Deckchair. Did many FLIPS simulations in Houdini, created pipeline, HDAs for 5 assets, modeled the Bucket with UVs.

6- My bachelors thesis. Using a wearable P5 glove I could create 3D MindMaps converting to the 3D world the rules of the 2D Mindmap creation. Executed as a personal project in C++ on top of the OGRE engine. The paper derived from the tool has been published in the Proceedings of the 6th Eurographics conference, Italian chapter.