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This is a render done in  Maya/Mental Ray an assignment on the subject of "Dynamism".

strawberry render

My interpretation of the brief expresses dynamism both in terms of action and composition. The action part
is represented by what is actually happening in the scene : a metal tray with a bowl of strawberries is falling down
off a table in a luxury restaurant. I imagined to be a privileged photographer and be able to take a picture of this moment
right before one of the straberry reaches the camera.
In terms of composition instead I played both with colours and lines. Because the eyes tends to conenct common colours,
th red trail formed by the strawberries falling leads directly to the main characters, the big close up of the strawberry ,
forming a dynamic line that starts from the top left corner and ends at the bottom right of the screen.

In terms of techniques used , the strawberry in front ground was fully modelled and parts included main body, seeds, leaves.
The main part was done manually but the history was kept on so an intensive use of custom Python scripts could be done.
The purpose of that was to speed up repetitive tasks in phase of finding a good realistic shape and especially to randomize size and rotation
of every single seed that was placed via script autmatically calculating the center of each face and then normal constraint.

The strawberries in the background are much more low poly and for those a full procedural shader was created that mimics
the bumps and the seeds. Material was suplicated to generate some variations.

Texturing of the main strawberry was done both in Maya and Mudbox looking at a lot of references and using some real leaves
textures matched to the UVs in Gimp. A fast SSS shader was used to achieve a realistic result both on the main body and the leaves.
For the metal tray a bump map was generated from mudbox to show some Baroque decorations and making it more interesting.

After modelling a simple round table, 2 cloth simulations were performed and the result was then extruded to make it look realistic.

In terms of effects, Maya fur was applied to the main strawberry as the referenced suggested and also some droplets of water
using a script by Antico (2011)

Lighting wise, I wanted to create some nice shadows on the cloth in a sunny day with the light coming from the right window.
So because I wanted also some nice reflections on the models I had to use a custom HDR setup in combination with Physical Sun and
Sky and this required the use of a mip_rayswitch node. Photo was taken from Flickr (Specht 2012).
A subtle rim light was added for the main strawberry.
Finally , the whole render was performed with linear workflow by stripping the gamma from the colour textures and the final render
performed with mia exposure photographic, setting the f stop to 2.8. Camera angle chosen is a wide one (15mm) to enphasize the
depth and the verticality of the shot.

As final step a Z depth pass was composited in Gimp to obtain Depth of field.

References :

Specht , F. , 2012 , "Restaurant interior panorama session (HDR)" Available from [Accessed 24 November 2012]

Antico , M. , 2011 , "Water Drops 1.0.0 (maya script)" , Available from [Accessed 7 December 2012]



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