Implicit Skinning


For my MSc masters project at NCCA, Bournemouth University I implemented the SIGGRAPH 2013 paper: 
Implicit Skinning: Real-Time Skin Deformation with Contact Modeling by R. Vaillant, L. Barthe, G. Guennebaud, M.-P. Cani, D. Rhomer, B. Wyvill, O. Gourmel and M. Paulin
I made a standalone program with C++, OpenGL and QT importing skeleton and animation with AssImp from Maya. The program is multithreaded.

You can download the thesis here :  Implicit Skinning Implementation pdficonSmall

A big thanks to my family, the professors at NCCA Bournemouth University, my friends and to Rodolphe Vaillant for the support !

Find below the video of the results. A more technical video about the technique will come as well, hopefully : )


UI :ui







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